Friday Introductions!

Happy Friday everyone! Just wanted to drop in and get this blog rolling again! I wanted to start off with a Friday introduction. My name is Stefanie Morris and I’m still a newbie here. I started working for Garwood Cattle Company towards the end of January. So I still have my feelers out; but go ahead and shoot me emails, calls or texts if you have any questions on anything. I’m good at asking questions and getting answers!

So a little background on myself … I grew up just outside of Lisbon, Ohio on a small hobby farm. My parents were wonderful at getting my sister and I involved in whatever we could think we wanted to be involved with. My sister set us on a path of llamas and a couple dairy beef feeders. Fun, yes. Easy maintenance, yes. When I was 4H age, I did show the llamas. Again, they were SUPER easy maintenance. I also took hogs and got into steers for my last 4 years of 4H. I learned so much and had such a good time in 4H but knew the beef cows were by far my favorite thing. And the best part … SELLING THEM and eating them! ha-ha. No tears were ever shed from me whenever I got to sell the animals.

After high school, I went to Thee Ohio State, ATI for a year and a half and ended up transferring home and finishing my degree. I graduated from Kent State University with a Bachelor’s in Business Management. I quickly grabbed up a job at the local co-op working in the feed division for 6 months and transferring over to the agronomy division where I was for 5 years. I stayed at the co-op until this opportunity found me! So now I am here with the Garwood family, and while only having been here a month I have loved every moment of it so far.

Pictured above with me is my wonderful husband, Tyler! We got married back in October of 2017. Our wedding was actually held here at the Garwood farm and it was beyond gorgeous! Background on us … we’ve known each other longer than I can remember, I cannot truly tell you when we first met. We are rarely serious because what is fun about life if you’re always serious. And he is never serious for pictures … clearly. We are Indians SUPER FANS! Love baseball and cannot get enough of the Tribe. He has a love for the beef industry and we have our own small herd of beef cattle. We own a trucking company that hauls coal, limestone and just recently got the family business of milk hauling. He is the third generation to be owner/operator of the milk hauling business!! I am a super proud wife of everything he does and has accomplished at such a young age. True blue collar man is what I married and I will boast that around whenever I can. (and no … I am not biased on that at all! lol You can really ask anyone and they’ll say the same thing).

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about anything Garwood related here. I plan to do more blog posts. I will post about our upcoming events at the arena as well as I will keep you informed on our events we hold for the truck and tractor pulls. But be warned, I have a soft spot for the babies .. so there may be an over load of those every once in awhile.

Until next time – Stefanie.

JAJ Glory Bound – JWOW

Featured Donor of the Week!
JAJ Glory Bound – JWOW
Sire: Heatwave
If you follow our program at all or have even glanced at our website, I’m sure you know who this Donor is! This Hereford marked cow just seems to do it all for us! One of the best we have ever shown, has turned into a no miss Donor. Stay tuned for pictures of JWOW’s calves that will be in our March 1st sale! You won’t want to miss these ones!